Troop Changes

Post date: Sep 22, 2016 1:11:52 PM

We are making some changes that we would like to let you know about...

Weekly Troop Meetings:

    • The 1st Thursday of every month will be a class B meeting. Scouts can where their red class B shirts in place of their class A.

    • The 3rd Thursday of every month will be doing activity instead of a formal meeting.

Note: Uniforms are required for all meetings and scouts should be wearing their uniform each week (Either Class A or, when allowed, a Class B shirt). If you arrive late due to Sports or other activities you should bring your uniform with you. If you need a Class B please ask one of the leaders.

Patrol Leaders Council:

    • The PLC will meet prior to the first meeting of every month (from 6-7).

    • This meeting is lead by the SPL.

    • Attendees are the ASPL, Patrol Leaders, and Scribe. Patrol leaders are expected to assign someone from their Patrol to represent their Patrol if they can not attend the meeting,

Leader Meetings:

    • Leader Meetings will be held before the second meeting of every month (from 6-7).

    • Parents are invited and encouraged to attend these meetings.


    • Senior Patrol Leader elections will be held twice a year during the second meeting of October and April.

    • The newly elected SPL will not take over until the first of the following month.